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We are proud of finding inventions and bringing up them into some kind of rights including patents.
We respect individuals who are trying to make something new.
We support people who achieve innovation based on their efforts.

  • Human Network

    Human Network

  • develop into a business

    develop into a business

  • Career and Experience

    Career and Experience

  • Respect something new

    Respect something new


i.PARTNERS Intellectual Property Law provides a variety of professional services to the customers regardless of major companies or individuals.

  • We provide professional services from the clients' point of views.
  • We support our clients providing professional services in all stages of invention including idea mining, idea evaluation, prosecution, enforcement and so on based on the client's requests.
  • We have seasoned engineers who can conduct in-depth patent search utilizing their experiences. They can further refine the search results considering the feedback received from clients for a first search output. We can provide clients with what they need.
  • We provide prosecution services and/or patent search services not only in Japan but also in other countries.


  • 1Intellectual Property/In-house support
  • 2Patent Prosecution
  • 3Patent Search
  • 4Consulting on Copyright issues
  • 5Enforcement/Litigation
  • 6Other Intellectual Property issues