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We provide solutions to solve your troubles in the Intellectual Property field.


1Intellectual Property consulting
/ In house support

For clients having intellectual property divisions or staff

We can advise clients about various issues concerning intellectual properties.

For clients without intellectual property divisions or staff

We can provide in-house services on intellectual properties.

* We can support clients in solving intellectual property problems utilizing the advantage of our former company experiences.

2Patent Prosecution

We extract inventor's ideas to the maximum.

We know the legal practices in Japan as well as other major countries for getting your ideas patented.

We will do prosecution based on the needs of clients.

3Patent search

We provide a prior art search before filing an application and/or a patent clearance search with high accuracy.

We will do flexibly to client’s needs.

4Consulting on Copyright issues

We can advise clients about copyright issues on digital contents and software.

In the case that clients want to protect something new generated by the clients, we will maximize the protection of client's ideas by securing patents as well as copyrights.

5Enforcement / Litigation

We support clients in patent right disputes.

We support clients until resolution of litigation concerning intellectual properties in U.S., Japan, etc., if necessary, in cooperation with US and / or Japanese law firms and attorneys.

6Intellectual Property consulting
/ In house support

If you do not know what to do or how to deal with a patent or other intellectual property issues, please do not hesitate to consult us.

We will offer you better solutions